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Welcome to my shop.​


Whether you are a major institution, historical society, private collector or even a beginning collector, you will at some point come upon artifacts and objects, rare, priceless or extremely fragile that require external or internal stabilization, support or security while on display, exhibit or in storage.


Curators and designers will often choose to orient objects in unusual positions that may be counterintuitive to their normal real world resting or functional position. This is meant to emphasize points relevant to the story line or historical content of the exhibit.  


I am tasked in providing effective, safe, caring and above all, conservation-wise solutions to the dilemmas often encountered in the display of these types of sensitive objects.


Working closely with conservators, curators, designers and collections staff, the mountmaker must have a firm grasp of design, a high level of technical ability in multi-media arts, a deep respect for the care in handling these objects and a razor sharp aesthetic eye.


In my work I strive to emphasize simpicity, elegance and aesthetic balance, yet maintain the high standards of conservation owed to these objects while on display.


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